Nearly 40 years of forestry contracting in Central Finland

The history of Metsä-Multia

Reijo Laaja, the father of the current entrepreneurs running Metsä-Multia Oy, began forestry contracting work right after his obligatory military service in 1967. Metsä-Multia Oy was founded in 1977 when Reijo Laaja combined his operations with another Multia-based entrepreneur, Reijo Vuorinen, who had begun his career in 1964.

The new company acquired its first Ponsse vehicle in 1987. This was also the beginning of the cooperation with Ponsse that has now continued for nearly three decades.

In 1988, Reijo Vuorinen retired from the company and left the management of Metsä-Multia Oy entirely to Reijo Laaja and his wife Eija. In 2002, a generational shift took place within the company when the entire share capital was transferred to Kai and Aki Laaja, Reijo and Eija’s sons.

Today, the company employs over 60 professionals in the field. The main operating area of Metsä-Multi Oy is Central Finland. The company’s customers include Metsä Group, Versowood, Forest Management Association Central Finland, UPM Metsä and Forest Vital Oy. Metsä-Multia took its first steps on international markets in 2007.

What is Metsä-Multia Oy known for?

Extensive experience in forestry contracting

Our decades of experience and long-lasting customer relationships influence our operating methods. In addition to this, we constantly strive to strengthen the experience we have accumulated over the years.

Reliable and honest

We carry out the agreed measures and stick to the schedules without fail.

High-quality results

We always conduct our work with care and precision. We constantly measure the quality of our work and listen to development suggestions provided by customers and forest owners.

Adaptable, next generation operating culture

We are familiar with the myriad challenges and variables inherent to the forest industry. Our flexible and refined operating methods enable us to filter out problems and provide independent solutions to problems.

Professional staff

The high professional skills of our personnel is evident in our services. Each person represents our company and is personally responsible for the customer receiving the best services possible.

Services that generate added value to customers

We want our partners to gain added value from their operations with us, which is why our cooperation agreements aim for long-term customer relationships.

Modern equipment

We update and maintain our equipment constantly to better meet our customers’ needs. The diverse equipment enables us to implement the most demanding contracts for other companies.

Ecological methods

Our operations are environmentally friendly. As regards forestry contracts, we strive to minimise burden on the environmental and prevent the dwindling of natural diversity.

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